Something about Skills that I would like to be changed in the offical release

Since, skills tell how well you play the game, I think it’s a bit weird that they can be bought in the store instead of achieving them through leveling-up. Like over 500 keys for a SSH(the current highest skills level) isn’t that hard to get, which leading to new players getting it quite early and have to suffer from extremely hard waves.
So my idea is to make skills achievable through leveling-up, here’s how. The first time you start playing, you will be a normal space traveler with Tourist base skills level and Tourist title who is looking for some Burger shop, suddenly a chicken attack you and that’s how your adventure begin, after finishing enough “missions”(at that moment, let’s referred them as “search for burger shop”), you will receive a message from the United Heroes Forces and that’s when you officially become a hero. And to get level-up you need to achieve enough scores and medals in each skills level(for example: 25 campaign trophies and 10 Greatest Chicken Hunter of all time medals as Veteran to rank up to Virtuoso)
Starting at Seasoned, you have the ability to change the skills level before starting a mission, but to get rank up you will need to fill in the given tasks

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Or you can only buy the difficulty each tier
Ex: You can unlock:
Rookie at Tier 5
Season at Tier 20
Veteran at Tier 30
Virtuoso at Tier 40
Superstar Hero at Tier 50

I’m sure medals tell more about your skills than just tier alone, that’s why I combine them together

Maybe it’s good idea

That might be okay for new players,but what about those who played the past games a lot and could instantly start with ssh? I don’t think that this is necessary.


I think that a) it’s not neceſſary, and b) new players come in all ſhapes and ſizes, and not knowing their abilities, it’s best to have everything as open as poſſible. Another factor to conſider is that ſome might like flying the occaſional “ſuicide run” i.e. a miſſion that’s far too difficult to expect to ſurvive, and we ſhouldn’t ſtop thoſe players. The key requirements make it ſo that players have to play at leaſt a few miſſions before goïng for the harder skills, ſo they have at leaſt an idea of the difficulty their looking at.