Something about iron eggs

You see iron eggs. I have an idea, which is to allow the keys to be inside What do you think of this idea?

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They are called egg barriers.

I’m not sure if keys can be on egg barriers, but in my opinion it’s better not to be like that.


You didn’t like the idea right :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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More or less no, but it’s more like I don’t have opinion. If this was added I wouldn’t care.
Edit: Anyways, having keys inside eggs looks good. The only bad thing is that they are difficult to destroy. It would be a better idea to have them in normal eggs.


Rest assured this will not be added

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okay okay

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But then again, IA didn’t see the idea yet…

(not IA’s actual reaction to this idea)
I must say: Nah.

Eh, I prefer it as an option.

Is it necessary to post this image? You can just voice your opinion with your words.


But egg barriers already drop keys…

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No, they don’t.

They can drop keys if they glow.

No, they can’t, and they don’t glow, and i am sure of that, because i tested many times.


They do glow sometimes.

They’re like traditional barriers and I swear they can drop keys.

They don’t at all.

No, you are wrong, egg barriers cannot be shiny for a key.

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They don’t, and you can play waves like heavy metal for proof. You have like 50 barriers there(can’t remember the exact number), but if they’re egg barriers, not a single time will they contain keys. You’ll always see them under the chick gatling guns, despite the many barriers.


no no no