Something about empathetic badge and another question

There’s something weird over here:
You can see I’ve just got this badge today, but here’s my stats:

It says: I need to have 500 liked posts but i only had 440 + the topics, is there’s something wrong or is that intended?
Now for the another question: Why dms have a limit of 500 posts?


It seems they made a typo and confused “500 liked posts” with “500 likes”. But it’s weird you didn’t got it earlier then. I guess it’s discourse and their magic shenanigans.
Or maybe it counts posts that were hidden. You know, we have the whole “off-topic” category hidden.

Probably to not store too much on the server. Anyway, that’s a shocking number. With who you got so carried on? It’s better to move on to a better communicator platform if you’re having such big amount of messages.


This is why he asked

Ehh, and I was just talking today with IA how we need chatting place.

@trueuser Undelete it.

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let me just crop it first


Cmon, you cropped it too much.

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Well, no one expected people to make underground society on discourse.
@InterAction_studios Come see this. It’s ridiculous. I told you that people need chatting place and look, I was right. They made it themselves.

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Can you imagine the nonsense that would flood the forum if even that single DM thread were to be made public?

The forum is not a suitable format for “chatting” – use Discourse or something similar.


So it’s better to have them chat somewhere else where you can’t see them? They wouldn’t flood the forum if Regulars were decent at the job (I had some objections earlier, right now it seems it got stable) and we had a moderator which you refuse to pick even though the community is growing constantly.

That’s a good point, but as you can see they do it either way. Be it in EA topic or in whatever this thing was.

It seems Discourse has option to auto-delete replies after X days.
Automatically delete replies after N days - #2 by codinghorror - feature - Discourse Meta
Just make a different topic with auto-remove option set to idk 3 days and voila. You don’t even need to do anything.

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I guess we could give it a try, given this particular new Discourse capability. I’ll create a post.


But I want to add that off-topic is still not allowed. Only stuff related to Chicken Invaders or forum. Else it doesn’t make sense.

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