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Hi everyone, it’s me Commander II QuackQuack! I’m not sure if I should create a whole topic for this, this can be deleted if posted in Chatting Place.

After 3 months 23 days of grinding into the game, I’ve achieved some small accomplishment:
+) I have bought every best things that can be used permanently, and I can afford all of the one-time-use items if needed:
- All always-on and maxed out if possible.
- All legendary spacecraft with a set of best legendary maxed out heat sink, engine and reactor.
- All maxed out weapons and both boosters.
- All backgrounds, music and cuisines.
- A set of all hardpoints (maxed out if possible)
- All licenses and skills.
- 6 of each type of satelites (VF-76 has 6 satelite slots, which is the most).
+) I’ve just explored the whole universe and currently having over 16 billion points, ranking 360 in all-time best leaderboard.

I’ve stepped closer to end-game. The main remaining goals for me to keep playing the game are:

  1. Reaching the highest quest rank (painful).
  2. Win all the missions in-game (maybe even in SSH lol).
  3. Have fun and enjoy the game.
  4. Participate in harder challenges / competitive missions (and fail).

However, I’m going to attend the opening ceremony of my university tomorrow. I go to a medical university, so I will be more and more busy in the future. I decided to finish exploring the whole galaxy in-game today to have a sense of completing the game. I will keep playing the game for fun, but I’ll have less time and desire for playing it, and also I will be less active on the forum. Thank you all for helping me.

And, another important part is about the fate of SquawkSquad (@Starbrockle @neonep @PRO @Bandicoot @Cure643 @PlasmaX @Baron @ThanhEnder124). I’ve assigned most of the Squawk Block missions on my way exploring the galaxy. Also, as mentioned above, I’ll play the game less, so I won’t assign new missions that many and frequently, until some point I won’t be able to find any new one to assign, then the squad will be dead (or changed for another purpose). I hope you all will understand and sympathise for me. We can talk about repurposing the squadron later.

Last but not least, thank you the developers @InterAction_studios for creating this game. I’m a big fan of the CI series but I’ve just joined UHF really late in late June in my recent summer vacation. This is a very awesome game, I really enjoyed it and had much fun with my friends. I hope you will keep up the good work to improve the game to prepare for releasing the official game in December. I can’t wait to see the game being better and better.

This is not the end, I will continue playing the game and follow the forum’s activities, just not as active as before. Fly safe and be well all!


We love you @QuackQuack!



nice e


Congrats, quackquack you’re the greatest to do continue the suffering that it was changed the mechanics to become an bullet hell based on improvements including the newest features along with everytime the content rather than to the previously ones that it already had it along with at the bottom of my heart it would the rest of ppl could enjoying this one as for grinding the ships might where something different in that record to complete the rest the places on it! as always the suffering with the enemies it would continues to be as the same it, at least in most part!




Good luck quackmander!


Good luck on University


Good luck


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Also hey goodluck fella




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