Some wave ideas and boss decorations

So let’s jump right in to the ideas.

  • Terminator chickens: My idea was that you create a new wave of terminator chickens but the chickens are in bubbles and it would be called Bubbled Terminator chickens. (Write your opinion)
  • The attack of the Giant crab: When you destroy the first capsule and a atom pops out, it will be cool for crab to change eye color to red, blue, purple, orange and etc… (Write your opinion)
  • It’s mother-hen ship boss: When you peel the shell of the egg it would be cool to add “Multi kill” just like in “Alien Mothership” boss.
  • Security Droid patrol wave: My idea was that some of the droids could be golden and when you destroy them you get a big coin of 10.000 score.
    That’s all from me.

Uh, regardless of whether the bubbles would work like they do in “Chink in the Armor” (only one enemy vulnerable at a time) or in other waves like “Bubble Rings” (periodically on/off), this would just be a more drawn out version of it


I already suggested this one and iA didn’t add it.

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Yeah just like in other waves (Periodically on/off)

Like checkerboard chicken from CI3? Similar thing but with chicken had already been suggested and declined due to the fact that the game can’t tell which chicken will drop coins before you kill it.

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