Some useful suggestions

There might be more, but right now I’ll list some that I have thought.
1. Skip cutscenes immediately
Allows you to skip cutscenes without having to rapidly pressing fire button.

2. Better chosen special weapon
Some highlighted color makes you easily know what’s your special weapon you want to use.

3. Customize clicking sound
Choose between classic XP navigation sound (1), CI5 sound (2) or current default sound (3)

4. Custom screen transtition and text effect
The current screen transtition is from CI3 and text effect is from CI5. But now you can choose which you like on Options > Additional customization. Might requires restart the game in order to take effect.

  • I’m also suggest if it was added, then “Seasonal Content” would be also in “Additional Customization”.

In case of you don’t know what’s screen transtition, here’s an example from CI4:
And here’s an example of text effect from CI4:
2023-05-04_15-33-02 (2)

5 mouse clicks.


Technically it’s not. CIU has its own system for fancy fonts. But yeah, it looks quite similar.

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Might useful if some people were too lazy or simply didn’t want to see cutscenes.

Changing it would similar on how you change the seasonal content (which requires restart the game), but we’ll see if it could be changed.

Five. Mouse. Clicks. Moreover, Reggyxt has just opened my eyes on the fact that in CIU you can even use the mouse wheel scrolling to skip it almost instantly.

regarding the transitions and text animations thingy, isn’t adding those bloating the game with options most people won’t even bother changing

Almost none of them are actually useful.

The only one that may actually be QoL would just be the 2nd.

Seems like my idea is high-cost but low-payback.

Well, skip entire cutscene already exists, just press ESC on your keyboard


That, and pressing the shoot button 5 times within a second isn’t that hard.

Great Idea! I Wonder What If iA Added Them! :slight_smile:

Despite off-topic, I’m still curious that why Microsoft still brought back right-click taskbar for Task Manager, although there are lot of ways to open it in Windows 11.

So, unless it complicated, or require too much effort/cost, it’s not too bad to add an option to skip cutscenes automatically.

use the scroll wheel it takes zero effort

But I’m don’t want to hear the cutscene music for any milisecond. So how?

there is an option to mute music in the settings if you want automated skips only to not hear the music

Then that’s just absurd if a mere millisecond can bother you to that extent.

I fail to see how either of these are related.

It’s just an example.
Although I can’t ask for a lot of customizations - it may take too much time and effort for iA, people had different taste of personalization.
So I still keep my opinion that there should be more customizations - even if it doesn’t need to be added immediately right now.

you keep your opinion, we keep ours, most of these are meaningless and unnecessary

Anyways, I’m moving on.

Your “example” is absolutely different form your suggestion. On one hand we have a thing that was always there and was removed without any reason, then brought back because of a massive backlash from users. On another hand we have an option to do the same thing that can already be done, just in a different way.

If people are lazy enough not to click, scroll or at least press Esc once, they should not play a game that requires clicking. Or maybe you want to add an autopilot for them, too?