Some suggestions


  1. Corridor Shooter: I think Toxic, Slob and Coward need to be removed (or at least 2 of them), their combo + bad RNG could easily corner player (i could use phaseout, but nah, have to complain in the forum first :wink:)

  2. Squadron: How about making all member can see the stat of other members? (only leader and that person themself can see it at the moment)

  3. Squadron: How about adding leaderboard show result of score contribution after each weak for each squadron i join? (image for example)

  4. (Unlikely) How about showing little HP bar for each boss in Double Team mission if i equip the HUD? :wink:

What are your opinions about this?


exhales in fear iA gonna kill u

All the others are, well, I’m fine with 'em.

How about this stupid idea: if you equip the Health HUD in Double Team, Both boss will have a ring of health bar displaying health individually instead of the normal. Let me make an illustration later.

HP Ring… i think i already know what are you talking about lol. :wink:

Bruh, many people suggested this one (even me) and iA declined it

Basically health bar but in circle form

Let me guess, Touhou?

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  1. Cowards were removed from that wave long time ago, if they still appear than it’s a bug. I’m fine with Toxics because I don’t wanna be stuck with Balloon Chicken only in that wave. I suggested b4 to remove Slobs but…

  2. Idk, neutral.

  3. Good idea! But only for active squadrons because you could be in a lot of squadrons and some might be not active at all. It could also be only one message every week just to remind you to check your active squadrons and every squadron leaderboard will be moved in it instead, meaning you have to enter a squadron to check its leaderboard.

  4. Good idea, but it was suggested a lot b4.

I agree as long as the boss drop Sonic rings when destroyed :wink:


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