Some Questions I'am Asking!

1-Why the medal that worth points isn’t showing its points in the player medal career?
2-In Asteroid Belt missions when you get so close to a meteor and didn’t die you get points(1/2/3 stars appear on the meteor), is that available in “Asteroids” waves in normal missions too?
3-When you upgrade a item why doesn’t it light with the other regular item in the store when clicked?

1- Because:

2- No.
3- What do you mean? I don’t seem to understand this one.

It’s stars not starts.

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1-OK, and thanks for telling me that little mistake :sweat_smile:
2-I think it should be because it’s a asteroid wave.
3-Here is an example:


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Because it switches to that item, so that’s why the light transfers. i don’t think it’s hard to understand.
I accept the stars to be added. I hope i get a medal as well, please.

:joy: :joy: :joy: That’s not what I meant, when you have a non upgraded item/not rare and click on it a little light appear on the item that you have or the one in the store,

Here is another example:

That light is not that big deal, it’s to make you remember where you clicked, I can’t explain better than that.

  1. The game looks for the item of the exact same type.

I think they should match unless it’s a rare item.

Uh, i don’t know really, but ok.

@SA-GoldenBoss128 I don’t think It’s a problem really.

1.Because some medals don’t award points(hope I get it right)
2.No, but I’m not sure
3. Because your item isn’t the same as the store item

1-Have you try to see the differences between your last score and total score?
3-Why do you like it to be like that? It seems normal to me.

1-No, I want it to be shown in the player’s main medals so we know how much points a medal worth anytime.
2-I hope it will be available in the next update.
3-Because it’s the same item.

Here I answer again
1-So this is just a trying to suggest an idea again?
2-No, just no

  1. Let me explain clearly: Your heat sink is an upgraded rare heat sink while the store’s heat sink is a common and non-upgraded heatsink so it doesn’t highlight it
  1. Good morning gentlemen
  2. Do you guys really like lists?
  3. Everything minasameh and Orandza said
  4. We could have a quality of life feature like that, honestly, especially if we could just press on our Extra Lives which would show them in the galactic shop immediately.
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I disagree, i don’t want stars in a asteroid wave of chicken invasion.
no, just i don’t want the item highlighted.
i wanna it like that.

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