Some of the the things interaction studios must do it

online and more missions and bosses and more things in store and updates and more languages and put ads to the game because get more players and put more sales and keys and make put more things like space burger etc put your idea in comments.

Players do that, not iA.

Was explained thousands of times.

More content comes after less issues.

An update for the sake of update???

It’s not released yet.

Sales usually have a reason behind them.

There are no heroes, only recruits. To get keys you need to play missions.

But Space Burger restaurants are already in the game…


but what about marketing games all games must spend money to play the premium and interaction studios dont make ads to make the game popular its wrong

Because it’s still in early access phase. Maybe after that.

Ads will come when the game is fully released.

Better words: mobile version


Though making a phenomenally good game would ultimately bring more money than a mobile version ever could. There’s a vacuum for good MMORPG’s currently, CIU could very well fit that niche if it amped up its game and took bold steps in design.


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