Some new feather types and additions to the Feather field missions

Recruit #75 here:

I was doing yet another feather field mission, since rumors have spread of feather clusters in numerous feather fields across the galaxy. Things were going, then…

WTF, is… is that… electricity linking those feathers?! Why are they so hard to push away?! How is electricity still flowing between them after all these yea… Oh, Gotta be the Henpire’s doing…

Whew, that was tough, those ‘charged’ feathers nearly ended me. That’s enough new stuff fo…

Uh, why are these feathers rotten green? Where did they come from? Lemme clear em up real quick…

WHAT IS IT WITH THIS FEATHER FIELD?! HOW did I destroy a giant feather, and why did it create a giant toxic cloud?

Goodness me, the Henpire is surely up to something. Recruits, be wary of feather fields, there may be more surprises waiting to be sprung upon us…

Yeah, I kinda like these flavor texts, gives the whole thing some fanon lore, I guess.

This idea is still ongoing so I’ll add more concepts down the line.

Right now, I have two new feather types to introduce:

1. Electrified Feather:

Layer 8

These feathers have a light cyan color. Whenever two or more electrified feathers are on-screen, they have an electric bolt running between them like this:

To make matters worse, they’ll be more resistant to being pushed compared to regular feathers. So no cheesing those links away.

2. Toxic Feathers

Toxic Feather
They have a zombie-like subdued green color. I’ll break feather convention by making them destructible, since this is toxified with chemicals, bio-weapons, etc and are thus not as durable as normal feathers.

The healthpool of this guy is similar to that of a balloon chicken, and when they’re destroyed, yep they release toxic clouds that are 1.2-1.4 times their length:

Interestingly, the current method of increasing mission difficulty might conflict with toxic feathers, since they’d be tankier and the player would have more time to push them away to a safe distance, so maybe a reverse health nerf, specifically for these feathers as the difficulty increases would spice things up.

Also like the electrified feather, it is more resistant to being pushed, again, no cheesing.

3. Electrified Featherballs:

These featherballs can either show up alongside the regular featherballs or alongside electrified feathers in an all-electric feather field wave.

Unlike the regular featherballs, once they’re destroyed, the feathers get burned up to a crisp and a charge builds up on the spot where they once existed. Once the charge has finished building up, 5 lighting bolts with random angle spacing between each other come from the explosion like this:

These new feathers can be sprinkled in with the regular feathers in feather fields, and maybe even Henpire Ambush.

And yes, I am serious about the addition of all-electric feather fields, since people are a fan of the electrified feathers. I do advise reducing the number of feathers & featherballs in such missions compared to regular feather fields and feather clump waves, otherwise, it might be too challenging.

Optionally, the all-electric feather field waves have a greater chance of spawning in missions with electric environment.

So yeah, whaddya think?


i really like the electric feather. avoiding the usual ones is too easy so I support the idea


:new: Added electrified featherballs & all-electric feather field waves.


we wish you a merry christmas


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