Some issues and stuff


  • Overlapping pattern on two or more strobe light. I used Strobe Light II and III on this one. When on mission the pattern goes like: Left, Both, Left, Both, Left, etc. The right one doesn’t lit as on intended pattern: Left, Both, Right, Both, Left, Both, etc. This also happens on vice versa.

  • Max propulsion length is different when on mission and while traveling.


  • Pathway glow clip (quite badly) when zoomed out forming some extra “lines.”

  • New notifications are timed at 20 minutes. I think it should be indicated as “now.”

Most of them are not exclusive to the latest version by the way.


The behaviour you see is correct. Both strobes have the same period, and they are temporally overlaid on top of each other:

time :arrow_right: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Strobe II left - left - - - - - right - right - -
Strobe III - - - - - - - - both - both - both

You can see that in all cases where the “right” Strobe II turns on, it’s ‘overwritten’ by the Strobe III’s “both”

BTW, strobe overlapping currently only works because of a fluke, it hasn’t been designed specifically.

Intended. There is no correlation between in-mission warp and galaxy travel warp.

Acknowledged. Very difficult to fix. Allowed to stand as-is.

Your computer’s clock is 20 minutes behind. Fix it and this issue will disappear.

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