Some ideas that might make sense

So, another set of ideas.

  1. Overheating
    The idea is that all weapons should have an optimal temperature, and outside that spectrum, the weapon gradually loses firepower. Underheating will make you lose 2 levels of firepower, or some other punishment.
    Example: Let’s say that the photon swarm has a functioning area between 2000K and 10000K. The optimal range is between 6000K and 8000K. Basic firepower (just random) is 100. At 6700K it’s still 100. At 9000K it’s only about 50. Like a combustion engine: Too low RPM and you kill it. Too high RPM and you kill it. There is an optimal range.

  2. Mission creator

  3. Let the early access be available on phone.

I am going to submit all my upcoming ideas in this topic.

So I saw it somewhere else, the idea is custom routes. My addition is that players could create interstellars at a very high cost, but they get key income. For other players, these roads will only cost keys, that go to the owner of the road. If the road reaches an age of 1 month, and the income for the owner is more than 80% of the cost, the road will be closed.

  1. No it will be too hard for new players
  2. Already Suggested
  3. Already Suggested

Like on Tom Risk and Piggly 2? If you don’t know them, I don’t know what to say. They weren’t released.

Maybe for a specific weapon, but a bit too complex to add to every weapon, I think.

I like the optimal heat idea but isn’t the optimal heat when we’re not firing?

That would become the ‘too cold’. You would have to fire to keep it in optimal range.

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