Some ideas part 2

This is a very short one. I noticed that his lasers were going the same way all the time so…

  • Idea for Henperor’s Apprentice, It would be harder to us if the lasers were going in both directions: Once on the left, Once of the right. As well with Super chick from chicken multiplicity.
  • I love to play squawk block just like most of you, so it would be awesome if they make duration like chicken invasion (2x5, 3x7, 4x10 etc…)
  • and one question… why when i go to the right (Top and Down) corner i can’t hear my spacecraft shooting?
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Already suggested by @GoldenBoss128.

And what lasers are you talking about?

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When you’re about to fight with the henperor’s apprentice and his first attack is red lasers that go in circles. I forgot to say it in the post…

Oh, well in that case add Super Chick from Chicken Multiplicity too :wink:


Yeah. :slight_smile:

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