Some ideas for cold planets

Cold planets should have more than freezing screens they should have their own background like hot planets

Chickens should wear icecaps and jackets instead of shirts which make them move slower

Snow balls like asteroids spawning in middle of waves with difficulty > 40%

Frozen chickens in ice cubes that spawn chickens like eggs but you can see through and will drop ice shards that can destroy you when broken

Frosty satellite that can be used for turning chickens to ice cubes but it will make them fall on you if you over freeze them and can’t be used in hot planets and stars

Frosty UFOs that can throw snow balls on you


Honestly, enviromental missions need so much of this. There is so much lost potential for uniqueness.


There’s already freeze invorvment. I dont think making the space more than blue for example would be that cool, but ok.

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I like some of these ideas because they should be pretty easy to implement, and I agree with Neutral_Swiss that there’s room for unique environmental features.

However, I’d like to talk about these:

That won’t be necessary. I think the current freezing screen is good enough.

I don’t know if this is a good idea… Not just the over freezing mechanic, but the satellite itself. It might make these missions far too easy. Maybe there could be a satellite that shoots snowballs instead.

Also,the weapon should take some time before starting to fire,like Microgun.The topmost weapons in this list should charge faster,with the bottommost weapos taking more time:

Plasma Rifle
Positron Stream
Photon Swarm
Laser Cannon
Neutron Gun
Ion Blaster
Lightning Fryer
Boron Railgun
Moron Railgun
Vulcan Chaingun
Corn Shotgun
Utensil Poker.

Hold space to heat the weapon,then fire normally.Not firing for too long will cause it to chill and you have to start it up all over again.It;s a careful balance of firing and not firing.

That might be slightly tedious to control, and missions will become much harder and longer on frozen planets. Perhaps there could be more enemies and harder missions on them, while making the overheat rate a little bit slower.

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