Some ideas about daily and weekly missions and space races

1-all players must have 11 lives only when anyone play about daily and weekly missions and space races
2- no addition special weapon and lives and anything
3- all player must use same weapon (ion blaster) at first
this rules make more justice in daily and weekly missions and space races

finally thank you for reading


I just liked this idea


that is your opinion thank you for sharing your opinion

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so how can a newbie survive daily hard?

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@HaiAn2007 kay make it 11 lives

your welcome

good ideas

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Weekly, fine. Daily, I think three is enough. Space Race five.

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11 in all times is good but that is your opinion

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Newbie should play easy missions. Challenges should be played by more experienced players.

Already suggested:

I would like to see a new challenge where all helping things (satellites, superweapons etc.) are disabled. Everyone gets the same equipment and you are competing just with your skill.
When you die in a Space Race - #18 by kokokokos

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They need to advance their career. I feel like CIU is very noob-unfriendly. You have to grind a lot of easy missions to get stuff, or play hard missions. The difficulty curve is unsatisfactory.


They have lord knows how many normal missions in the galaxy. They absolutely do not need to participate in challenges. When you start a new game do you immediately go on competitive mode (I’m talking about games that are not only competitive, but have both singleplayer and multiplayer) or get familiar with the game?


I was talking about the difficulty in general. It can be pretty unforgiving if all you want are extra keys.


1-it’s questionable
2-i demand no, a big no, because sometimes stages like wheel of fortune can be painful without them
3. at first? 1st stage? but still no


11 lives? That’s quite a stretch, how about the default from all the previous versions, 5 lives? And also, by saying 11 lives that’s asking people with regular spacecrafts to get Mullers or Extra Slots just to compete. But yes, 11 lives can be the maximum to compete in the races (10 mounted). I’m not sure, but for 2 I like the idea. 3 is questionable, but do you mean special weapons as in Manual and Stackable ones too? Because a Yolk Star or Mysterious Ship without Phase-Outs is hell as we all know… Anyways, good idea!

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thanks for sharing your opinion

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