Some changes for difficulties

I don’t really have ideas for new difficulties,but I did think of some ways to change the current ones.
Rookie (easy mode)
A lot of the waves in this mode are zoomed out, the time it takes for your weapon to cool down after overheat is reduced,and bosses would either have some of their attacks removed,or just made easier to avoid. The projectiles speed for…well,projectiles,is low,and the projectiles themselves get fired less often than on veteran.
Veteran (normal mode)
Medium amount of waves are zoomed out,the time it takes for your weapon to cool down is exactly what it used to be in previous Ci games,bosses would have the attacks they’re supposed to have. Projectile speed and fire rates would be mediocre.
Superstar hero(hard mode)
Certain waves that would be zoomed out on veteran would be less zoomed out here,or not zoomed out at all,your weapon takes way longer to cool down,bosses may have harder-to-dodge attacks,or they may be given some additional ones. Projectile speed and fire rates are also higher than on veteran.


I agree with you. The difficulty system needs extra “difficulties” but the zoom factor… I think is better not to change it.


I think it ſhould largely be the ſame as it is now, although at higher difficulties the eggs ſhould fall faſter and there ſhould be no warning before laſers.

Well,several people complained about ci5 and ci4 being way easier than their prequels,and zoomed out waves are one of the reasons why that is the case. So I thought “how about having less zoomed out waves on higher difficulties?”


I still stand by my opinion that lasers without indicators aren’t a good idea. But if you really wish for no indicators,would you like me to create a modification in ci5 that would remove indicators,and then send it to you?
Edit: or better yet,go play ci1,and go beyond wave 120. At that point,the eggs are literally lasers without indicators.
Sorry,I’m not going to support the ideas that just increase the RNG like that.

I think that the probkem isn’t the zoom out. In next wave there were the fake asteroids.
On Revenge of the yolk (and in cluck of dark side) the is too much objects in the screen and there were the meteor&Comet encounters.
Ultimate omelette has bosses with no hp, New weapons that inflict high damage,few avrà dropped and too much powerups dropped.
I think that cluck of the dark side has a good difficulty but the mayority of the bosses has not enought hp and attack patterns.

Nothing I have to say about ci2’s fake asteroids. The statement you made about ci3,though…there isn’t enough room exactly because none of the waves are zoomed out! Also,ci4 introducing high damage weapons? You’ve got to be kidding. I tested each one of them,they all sucked. And the amount of power-ups dropped honestly didn’t change that much for me. I suppose that you’re right about the HP part,though I didn’t see that big of a difference. Nothing I have to say about ci5.

What? I konw that them aren’t the op-est weapons in the saga (utensil poker, neutron gun and lighting fryer) but them are very usefoul in the ordinary plays (when you want to play only to play). The positronic stream is a versatile (and usable) version of plasma rifle and the Photon swarm , if you can use it, is perfect againist some bosses like space invaders mothership and the mother Hen ship.

The positron stream is weaker than plasma rifle,what are you taking about? Plasma rifle is actually good,positron isn’t. Besides,when I tested it,it was barely able to beat Vulcan chaingun. Boron railgun is basically Vulcan chaingun,but just with a bit more damage. Photon swarm is good for supernova,but that’s it.

I do not want to change the discussion, but if we continue to argue about which is weapon is the best, we will make night. what I wanted to say was that changing the zoom based on the difficulty selected would affect the gamplay too much and most of the “” “” “” “gamer” “” “” “” "are children: if you give a option that make the game too easy they will choose that! moreover the developers alrady had delayed the closed beta, if they try to add something so we will have to wait more time to the official release.

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Yeah,so what if they choose that? They would have chosen rookie either way. Besides,did you know that they can add this in a later update instead of adding it as soon as the game gets released? Also,what closed beta are you talking about? There won’t be a closed beta,only early access

I think that all the waves that will exist in game should be sorted in rookie, veteran and superstar hero difficulty categories, and now since the game will have random waves, the harder difficulty you choose the harder waves you’ll get, BUT that won’t exclude waves from other difficulties appearing, they would be just less common. For example if you choose to play on superstar hero, you will mostly get waves which are specifically made for that difficulty, but you’ll also have a chance to get some of the ones from easier difficulties but less common. Wow I explained that horribly. :smiley:


That’ll give me free rein to come up with all ſorts of fun levels and ſubmit them without too many people (ahem @anon27929001) ſaying “That ſounds haaard”! I like it! I really hope InterAction goes this way.

Am i missing something? I knew that there was a closed beta like ci5. Yes, I know that they can add This in future but will change too much on the gameplay.

One of the best suggestions I have aver heard!

I am convinced that an easiest mode is not the perfect thing to get this franchise seriously (because yes, I take it seriously)

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You clearly can’t understand what I’m trying to say. I’m saying “it just adds RNG,and nothing else.”

Hmmm,yes,that sounds like a good idea

Ok,then. In that case,just keep rookie the way it is already

I dont want to be savage, but in the new game this 3 difficultes need to be renamed, like the easiest (rookie) is a tutorial and the others are the as for the real game (or to be deleted). We need harder diffuculty than Superstar hero( like a pro player game mod, with enchanched atacks from bosses chickens and ect.).

How about a game mode in which your ship is invisible(maybe satellites too,idk),so that the only way to tell where your ship is would be by constantly shooting?

yeah after superstar hero you unlock insanity mode where every chicken is faster and every egg is directed slightly towards the player and there are more boss attack which are faster for example, just a tought