Some bosses who were not added in ciu

There are some bosses who were not added in this game, and if one of you suggested this idea before me, I did not steal from him his idea and remind IA to add these heads in the game and these are the names of the bosses:
1- terror from the deep
2- heart of darkness
3- ice cubed
4- fly the coop

sorry for bad English

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Already suggested, a lot, Bosses


They’ll get added eventually, maybe when the Early Access phase ends, so be patient.

I will be patient

You mean ice golem?

how did you know

Because ice golem is made with ice cubes and there’s no “ice cubed” boss in Chicken Invaders.

‘Ice Cubed’ is the boss wave’s name, the boss itself is known as the 'Ice Golem"


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