[Solved] Game not launching correctly?

Hello! I’ve recently downloaded Chicken Invaders Universe off steam, however when I go to launch the game it begins to frame skip and lag horribly.

I’m using a GTX1060 Graphics card with an i7-7700 Intel Core, so im sure my computer should be able to handle it.

Any suggestions or advice?


How does the stand alone version run? It probably is Steam, CIU runs well even on potato.


I’ve just tested it, it works perfectly when using the standalone version.

Although I would prefer to play through steam, this will work for now ahah - cheers!

Have you tried with other games on Steam? Do they experience the same amount of lag? If you have them, try to launch the Chicken Invaders episodes and note your observations.

I’m pretty sure it’s about the game load mode, since the default one is for the game to load the resources while starting.
You can try to change the



C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\steam\78\CIU.cfg

This option will make the game load a little slower, but all the data will be loaded before the play screen appears.


Although I don’t own any other Chicken Invader games, I can say I’ve never had any issues like this before with steam.

I’ve tried this, doesn’t seem to make a difference i’m afraid.

Also, it seems I can only write 1 reply in a 24 hour gap with a new account - I had to make a second account just to reply to this thread.

I took a shot in the dark based on @SpryterTerraxian and @Alucard 's advice and changed "presentation_desired.screenMode" in

C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\steam\78\CIU.cfg

to 2, which I guessed was windowed fullscreen, and it seemed to fix the issue.

Cheers for the help everyone, looking forward to seeing where this game leads!

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yh, just wait it out. Try not to make alts, instead edit your original message

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First off: Welcome to the forums, and the game! It’s great to see this game gather a following slowly.

As for the lag: Have you tried checking the graphics options? When I downloaded the game on Steam today, the frames were capped at 100 so in a rare case it could be because of that. Also, have you tried running the game in windowed? That could also help, though the most common issue could be how the game loads. Check your in game cursor, it slowly begins lighting up. During that stage, the game can lag due to loading all the sprites and data but once it fills up completely the game runs fine, or it could be some bug as well.


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