[Solved] CI 86_1 execution issue

Probable Bug :

  1. Installed CI (86_1) from ⬇ Download Early Access
  2. Successful installation and gets connected to a server
  3. I exit
  4. Next time I start CI get a message “Failed : Please upgrade to version 86”
  5. Reinstall using both 86_1 installer
  6. Still same message after exit and restarting standard
  7. Repeat …

Windows 10 x64 Pro
GTX 1650

Any guidance ?

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Does it show the correct version in the bottom right corner when you launch the game?

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Yes, CIU 86.1ia WIN 32-bit RELEASE 2x
i.e. same as the one in the screengrab you have posted

When I relaunch it changes back to CIU 85.2 ia WIN-32-bit RELEASE 2.x

Interesting. I’ve never encountered an issue like this so I have no idea what to try, sorry. I’m at Win10 x64 too but I can log in without issues.

That probably means you somehow have 2 CIUs installed at once, one for v85 and one for the newer version, and your shortcut leads to the older one. Try typing “CIU” in the search bar and look if it shows you more than one game. You can also look in installed apps list through either control panel or default “Settings” thing.



@VerMishelb Thanks a ton that provided me the required guidance to fix the issue

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