Solution for those guy who lost their progress!

I’ve found some new ways to restore your progress!!
Restore files: Go ProgramData/ChickenInvaderUniverse then Right mouse click, choose properties -> restore previous version (If you shut down the computer or do this solution after 24 hours, I probably recommend the 2nd solution)
Recovery windows: Type in start menu: Windows recovery. Then find for the
Warning: If you make any changes or store more games, you’ll mistakenly restore their previous version of other games, data, documents, lewd stuffs, etc… Except you want to play / do / download again
P/S: These solutions are just concept so I don’t pretty sure if these solutions are work 100% but I’ve tried 1st solution and now I regret because I didn’t try it sooner.
But I didn’t try the second one.

But you need backup your data in System Restore before lost progress to do this solution. Most of people doesn’t care about backup their data in System Restore. So It’ll be not working for some people.

Me as an example

But I tried and it’s work! Just the wrong time


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