Solar System

Does CIU have the solar system? If so, where can I find it?

No, as I think this galaxy doesn’t take place in our galaxy so no

Also it fits in the chicken invaders category

It looks like you’re a new CIU player, anyways CIU is a spin-off it’s not a part of CI story so you won’t find our solar system in the game, because we’re in a different galaxy.

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Got it. My apologies. BTW, I’ve been a CIU player for 2-3 months now.

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it would be a great idea that there would be 1 / 300 chance that worm holes to teleport you to the solar system and you can dock anywhere in any planet / star.
You can go to the last planet and click “leave star system” to get back to the wormhole from where you wanted to travel to


That would be cool. :+1:

CIU basically is not a game, it is also somewhere you can learn about planets. Although most of planets in the game are not real, it already gave us a few useful units of measurement.

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Yeah, that would be a very cool easter egg

Different universe, but yes

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