Solar system?

where can i find the solar system in CIU?

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The Solar System doesn’t exist in CIU. Intended.

why is that?

Earth used to appear in the anniversary mission but got replaced with random planets.
Universe is set in a galaxy different from Milky Way


The missions are in a galaxy, and there is only the one that we know of, the one we fly in and try to protect. Systems are based on suns and the planets, shops, and shady dealers etc, that orbit them. I have not found Earth yet but have toured all locations in this galaxy, and maybe Earth is in the next galaxy we have yet to explore. The universe is a very large place and we have been shown a small piece of it. IA should consider expanding the game to include another galaxy with black holes to travel between them. Then it would be more universal, not just galactic. A map that gives all locations takes away one of the most entertaining aspects of the game. Wormholes are very hard to find. They are a goal that is not easy. Easy is not very entertaining to me. IA has included many missions that are meant to be achievable for new pilots. Exploring is the way to find them. The exploration aspect of this game is one of the most appealing parts of the challenges at hand. A solar system will have more, or fewer planets, and it is only one system in a constellation. I read a post that had an issue with the scientific accuracy of the the game. My opinion is that it is a game and artistic licence is given automatically. My career is in field research. Physics dealing with geophysical magnetics. If anyone were to take on the task of trying to make this game correct physically the algorithms alone would haunt them into psychosis. Anyway I have some annoying chickens to deal with now. Fly safe. And as always be well all…


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