"Soft in the Middle"

I always observe that whenever I encounter this wave, the progress bar does NOT always reach 100%; it only reaches around 99.97%. I can’t remember if this wave was from CI4 or CI5, but what I do remember is that the progress meter can reach 100% at those times because the orange bomb (which can also be seen in Chicken Roulette) appeared, which is the thing that is lacking in the CIU edition. It is not much of a big deal, but I hope @InterAction_studios can consider this in the next versions.

But it’s the same here. You just killed everything else before the bomb could appear. All bombs vanish if there are no chickens left in the wave, just like barriers.


Or instead of the bomb, perhaps @InterAction_studios can replace it with a satellite safe box.

no, i guess that’s a bad idea. (it could make the wave harder)

Don’t take it seriously its just my opinion

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Uh, no? The safe box doesn’t do anything, except the fact that it gives you satellites upon destroying it.

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