Social Experiment (Part 2) (Ended)

Fourth stage (Result):

First Place: @VerMishelb 1.698.736
@Davoid 1.626.497
@RoboCat 1.346.127
@Noideaforaname69 1.158.485
@DANY4701 1.047.799


Best HUD Color Theme: @DANY4701
Modern problems require modern solutions: @Noideaforaname69
This is quite a surprising turn of events: @VerMishelb
Unusual Avatar:@Davoid
Loser: @RoboCat

What are we going to do with selected mission?

There is a max diff and almost max length mission on a neighbor planet, but I guess we have to do it for the meme here. Too bad I’m going on vacation for a week :frowning:

Thank you

After the vote:
I will create List of participants
Then, Each participants will complete the mission separately at any time (but limited by date)

I realy hope this will be June.

Can you give the date? So I know if I can participate? I’ll be able to use my PC on the 15th, but if you wanna make it quick, go ahead.

What’s this now? I haven’t even done the first one yet.

C:/why don’t you play “Apex Legends” ?

Because it’s unpopular piece of garbage.

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C:/ it’s getting popular and worth giving a try.
At least it’s free for now :smirk:
And EA giving away something for free is kinda rare

Competition will be (14 June - 16 June)

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After, You should forget about this post (For a smaller number of messages), don’t worry i will write here

next week?

Yes, unfortunately, because i need prepare to exams

I didn’t know, sorry

Do we have to record the miſſion, or what?

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@Samuelronban, @Anonymous hero and @Traveller are already on the planet.

Was it necessary to ping us?

WHY did you have to mention all of us?