Social Experiment (Ended)

You just remind me why I called mine “RISAF”, last 10 minutes I was thinking about what does it means lol.

What does it mean then?
Also Im so sad im in bed and cant fly over… even though I suggested the new place xd

RISAF = Russian Interstellar Space Aircrafts Factory
And I have no idea how I remembered this.
About place — almost everyone in a bed now so there are only 4 players currently on tiny planet.

the red one is here!!!

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You just traveled from left top corner so fast? Impressive.
You need to travel here by the way, we changed planet to smaller one


Your speed lags a bit :sweat_smile:


wow what a speed :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Imagine speed hacks for CIU

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REPORT:This is not Social Experiment i repeat this is not social experiment!
We are not Heading Carya For not Unite in one place!
This is global Experiment!
We are Advancing Smaragos to Eurypyle!
-UHF Travis

Hello, booi.


Check upper posts (except Travis’s), you need to change planet.

Already moved on

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So have I. It’ll take a couple of days to get everyöne there.

Bad Google

Screenshot_18 im here

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We need 3 more!

Good! We need 3.
Question:is there eurypyle?

/can I join?

of course! anyone can join (until 2 days)

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Very well !