Soccer Chicken

It’s like a soccer ball wave but the soccer ball is a chicken with a lot of armour or health.


How about make it a boss?..for 2028 world cup!
That will be cool with special OST aswell :slight_smile:

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I dont understand what you mean but the world cup is coming in 2026 and 2030 not 2028

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Ah cluck! I forgot about it!

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Maybe easy for a boss wave. It’s not specially different than a soccer wave except the ball is big.

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For wave we have let the game begins,rematch! And kick like beckhen so no need for more waves but a special soccer boss for a world cup special is gonna be awesome! I wonder if IA took a note of it tho :thinking:

You mean 2026?


It’s more of a “making a meme from the meme page real” kind of deal

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