Snowball Chicken

This chicken is dressed for the winter, much like the sweater chickens. His clothes don’t come off when you shoot him though, I figured I would let up with the nudity. There are children playing this game after all. Though perhaps the movie and live action TV references would fly past their heads…along with the UFOs.

Also, he dresses in a light blue color. The scarf is red as well. And of course, he’s way smaller than the sweater chickens, because he is not a boss.

In addition to the normal eggs, he may toss a snowball. If the snowball hits you, you’re frozen for a few seconds…which leaves you a sitting duck. Luckily, ducks aren’t invading the galaxy because they’re an all-terrain animal, more or less.

I figured he would appear more often in frozen levels. I don’t see why he would be dressed like that otherwise. Wearing that in a hot level would make him feel uncomfortable.

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