Small question [14-day topic autoclose]

why topics close after 14 days? (other sites didn’t have this rule, like this one: MessengerGeek)

And please, immediate reply.

To avoid “topic bumps” (when someone simply reply and puts on top 5-11 months old topics)

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Basically what Stardrone said. It was done because we don’t have moderators here on this forum and people were bumping topics pointlessly. I still think it shouldn’t be done like that.

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qbus is right. it shouldn’t be done like that.

What change would you guys propose?


First of all - moderators. IDK give it to EmeraldPlay, he was the first regular so make this category worth it.

Second: don’t auto-lock topics because it literally locks them from having a discussion about ideas. Yes, you can message IA to unlock it if you want to add something to it, but who would like to do this every time.

Third: Finally start executing the rules. I don’t mean the rare situations with dramas that ended on the Lounge category. I mean if someone posts pointless posts instead of liking the post or adding something worthy. If the post gets too much off-topic. And if someone bumps the posts without a good reason - mute them for 7 days and delete the post. Trust me, they will learn not to do that.

(I would also personally increase the requirements for getting the Regular tier, but right now it’s a worthless title anyway)


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