Small QoL idea

right clicking or double clicking on auto use items in mission start menu should fill that item in all empty slots because selecting them all one by one takes a long time even when slots are locked

You can drag items from slots and drop them into empty slots to fill them faster.


I’m all for this, but I don’t get why it would be only for auto-use stuff. Why not apply it for everything?

Maybe bec auto use items is the most used items in the game like lives

What about those who have like 15 amplifiers, or 10 jets, or whatever else? Granted filling up every single slot with a single item might be impractical now that I think about it, regardless of the item. But if this were to be added, then make it consistent. No reason to implement this for only a few items.

how about making able to drop multiple of the same item?
right click and hold to drag a box over and then the items get placed in the box’s area
ex: - YouTube
(if you could, pretend i’m right clicking and hold as copy pasting to choose an item and putting it, and to ignore the fact im doing it in excel)
the problem about this is if you had chosen a rectangle/square, if there are other items in that area it will be replaced with the chosen one

I didn´t know this.
This is high value info, ty.


maybe holding and dragging over slots you would change is a better way to do it, but current system feels choppy and slow nonetheless

oh, sorry, i actually meant the same thing, but i didnt know how to explain it lol

it’s fine, just really taking some time

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