Slob chicken's hitbox

Sorry I don’t have longer video.


…I think we can all agree that needs to be fixed. :laughing:

Question is: Make the hitbox smaller… or the chicken bigger???
(kidding, it probably would overlap waaay too much with others then. :stuck_out_tongue:)


If you look frame by frame you can see how shooting moved you enough to hit the head of the slob chicken.
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You might go through the head of many bosses but in the case of chickens, their hitbox includes their heads, but in this case, I agree that it is a little bigger than it indicates, since the hitbox of the ship, as calculated by Emerald,

shows that the range of the ship hitbox is (or at least should be) above the slob chicken, at least visually.


Several things contribute here:

  • The Corn Shotgun (alongside the Riddler) has the largest kickback of any weapon.
  • The Slob squashes vertically as it flaps its wings upward, but the hitbox doesn’t change.
  • The physics simulation for collisions is separate from the physics simulation that decides what you see on the screen as a player. There may be minor discrepancies (especially with very fast-moving enemies, or under very slow frame rates).


@SonicCrazyExe: Exactly which “big chicken” do you mean"


I think the head’s hitbox is bigger than it should be.

I didn’t remember his name

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