Skin change for events

So CIU will be one game neither other games like CI3 CI4 and CI5 for events. What about event updates that changes skins of chickens and bosses? So in events everything would be funnier. Photos from CI3 for better explanation:
Normal Version:

Xmas Edition:
Easter Edition:

(photos are from google)


Isn’t it already suggested by at least 4 people?


be a nice touch or add the bunnys, turkeys, and bats as new enemys that show up randomly in their different forms (only an asthetic change)

Taiphanmem.Com.Vn ???

Hmm, wasnt see… There isnt any topics with skins as I see?

There were several topics in August when ideas category didn’t exist. People created ~5 topics with ideas. They should be somewhere in plan updates or old ideas collection topics.


He just picked random photos

Agreed. IA should make a topic of ideas they like

He was not here in August.

I know, but he must read plan updates, mustn’t he?

Most of the new users didnt read it.

Too bad for them. There is some important information like “When the game will be released on android?” or “When full release?” everyone ask.

Perhaps there should be a pinned message that would tell you to go and read the updates?

I was, just didnt see its necessary to register before game outs.

Also looks like my “idea” was something I read. So that isnt an idea.

I don’t think that’s really neceſſary. We’re pretty good at telling people to do that.


It would save everyone’s time though.

That’a good idea actually but maybe main menu and music so if easter easter themed main menu and eastery music that would be cool