Skill Tree & Skill Points?

Well, im just start playing the game for 2-3 days and everything goes smooth so far. (thanks to @InterAction_studios and team)

But; i have an Idea. How about adding Skill Tree feature ? Just like Adventure/RPG games; which player earn 1 Skill point when he got level up (Tier up in this case!)

And with those skill points, player can obtain bunch on Unique features; like:

  • Unlocking new weapons and satellites
  • Increase overall Damage rate or Key drop rate
  • Extend maximum of Fire power or Fire Speed
  • Unlocking new Paint job for spaceship customization
  • ect …
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I don’t feel like locking features behind both playtime and keys is a good idea. Also even if the levels only went up to 99 like tiers, it would make getting on the leaderboards with lower levels extremely hard.


Then make it unlocks less-impact things to the gameplay, like paintjob or something

No mate. I didn’t mean to adding this feature to lock existed stuffs …
I meant to add new stuffs which can be unlock with skill points

When did Davoid even say that…he just said it might not be a good idea to lock stuff behind playtime.

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