Skill level names ideas in case IA run out of idea for them

Since I’m only going to suggest the name so here we go
Elite Superstar Hero:
+Description: I eat chicken three times a day, everyday.
Ultimate Chicken Hunter:
+Description: Bread and vegetable? Psst, I only eat chicken.

Secret skill level: Greatest Chicken Hunter of all time and space(Available for those who beat 10 mission with Ultimate Chicken Hunter skill level without losing a single life):
+Description: Chicken! I can’t live without you.

Btw, in CI5 we receive different trophy when complete the mission base on our skill level(Copper for Rookie, Silver for Veteran and Gold for Superstar Hero) so I think it would be great if that feature return

Universal Grandmaster would be a better name, and it was already used for a badge for the steam version of CI4.

As for those badges, why aren’t their names used as skills? I think Seasoned is fine as it is, but Virtuoso would be a better name for the Hero skill.

EDIT: And iA took that suggestion. I guess that’s nice.


Those descriptions are very same to one another and I think “I eat chickens for breakfast” is the only quote that is nice (Officials are always good).