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Sticking a plot to CIU seems impossible because the game is an MMO after all, so I thought to implement side quests in the form of short stories.
(Currently as I write this, I found a pretty similar idea at the moment, so I’d like to present it from my version)

“…Where can I find side quests?”

You can find side quests in Regional Stores.

Task preview visualization.

We will find there:

  • 2 prizes to choose from
  • a short story with the client’s intentions
  • 3 quests (depends on the story)

“What’s the deal with 1 prize?”

These awards are funded by the owners of these companies.
Each of them has a different value and can make your life a little easier (or just make money)

Features of these awards:

  • After receiving the reward of whichever you choose, the next side mission will be available in 24 hours.
  • Prizes funded by the company cannot be farmed (maximum amount is 1)
  • When you are in the first mission, you cannot accept a job from another company until you finish the accepted mission.

“What awards does the company fund?”

The Gold card from Space Burgers doubles the amount of food collected. (However, this will not affect the double amount of points.)
Use it wisely when choosing a mission, as it activates immediately after receiving it.
Only active on one mission. (don’t fly with her better on asteroid missions)

Heroware can give you a discount voucher for any hardware purchase.
Activates after first purchase. (for the second discount you need to get the next coupon)

Fortune Teller can tell fortunes for free in exchange for small help.
All fortune-telling services are randomized.

Aftermarket will give you a second product for free with your next purchase
(and they didn’t take the concept from their unpublished magazine at all :roll_eyes:)

Gus’s Gas can give you a ticket that will take you anywhere in the galaxy, but its value cannot exceed 500 fuel.
You will be able to activate it at the time of choosing your destination.

H.A for the completed mission will help you in the next missions by giving you 3 extra slots.
The bonus slots can be used for various combinations. (e.g. 3 slots for 1 mission or 1 slot for 3 mission (it’s up to you)).

Would you like the bonus slots to be used in tournament missions as well?
  • Yes
  • No
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Short stories

I post all the stories here. (You can suggest if you want. including missions)

Space Burger

  • Space Burger doesn’t have enough food for its hungry customers.
    You’ll need to fill up their grocery store unless you’re going to a lunch diet.
    *Collect 3 types of food.


  • Workers have constructed new spaceships but are not sure how they work.
    No way, someone has to do a test flight.
    *Fly three spaceships number of times.

  • Weapons were configured, but the company ran out of targets to destroy during the experiments. Why test here when you can use them in practice?
    *Complete the mission using one weapon (3 types)

Fortune Feller

  • Fortune Teller senses dangerous anomalies in certain solar systems. You have to check it out!
    *Fly an anomaly mission.

Aftermarket Station

  • A new shipment of products has arrived and the staff wishes someone would advertise them. You’ve always wanted to be a TV star, haven’t you?
    *Complete mission with equipment (background, sound, bombs, etc.)

Gus’s Gas

  • Gus’s Gas sponsors races organized by UHF. He only awards the prize to the fastest of the fastest. Show them how to race.
    *Start the race and finish it in (…) minutes.

Heroes Academy

  • We have sent our scouts to different areas but they have not arrived yet. Someone has to find them.
    *Complete various missions.

  • We noticed a disturbing distance of the meteorites from the sun. It’s possible they’re headed for the planets. Someone has to sort them out.
    *Complete an “Supernova” mission
    *Destroy a (…) meteorites

  • Glad you came back to us. Time for everyday chores! (I hate Mondays…)
    *The tasks of this assignment can be varied

  • We have a hole in the budget and the universe urgently needs the intervention of the UHF crew. What are you waiting for? Go!
    *Go on a mission with the following spacecraft gear: (…)
    *Go on a mission without any equipment:

  • Time for morning scouting in the field. (Wait what time is it?)
    *Head to the star system: (…)
    *Complete an (…) mission
    *Head to the planets (…)


Have people really not heard of World of Warcraft at all? It’s not the first time I’ve read a sentence like that here.

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adding a medal for completing quests for all space burger stores could be good for the ideas
the medal is called “Space Burger Helper’
'Awarded for completing all space burger quests”

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The best idea that someone can provide for the game. @InterAction_studios teraction Studio should introduce such an idea into the game

Man… This is cleanest and best idea I have seen so far!!



  • Award from “Aftermarket Station”
  • side quest from the above company

I will be adding rewards from 2 Regional stores soon!

I wanted each side mission to not be just a one time mission.
Each station will offer a new mission every day.
It wouldn’t offer a new mission after completing it and not claiming the reward (rewards will wait until you claim it). And the rewards are quite valuable in this light. (that’s why I added the time after pick up)


Can you add the ability to buy the second product for free for the heroware store?

The heroware bounty would then be too much.

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  • Award from “Gus’s Gas” and “Heroes Academy”
  • side quest from the above company


  • Double the amount of food does not affect the double amount of points (forgot to mention)
  • When you are in the first mission, you cannot accept a job from another company until you finish the accepted mission.

I’ll be honest. The hardest part was coming up with an award from H.A I thought that instead of giving a discount or bonuses, I decided to add extra support in the form of three extra slots. I’m just not convinced to add this feature to tournament missions, so that’s why I added a poll. I’d like you to vote.
As for the stories, I will give them regularly (if I come up with any more) but I will not notify you about it.


Nice Idea i really want to try this in game :slight_smile:


I can’t tell if it’s added to the game
Just a very good idea


same as me

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