Showing mission codenames in multiplayer

So far, you can see the following informations about multiplayer games (from left to right):
+) A icon represent the type of mission (chicken invaders, boss rush, supernova…)
+) Callsign of the host
+) Current wave and total of wave
+) Time elapsed
+) Number of players ingame and number of players can join
+) Meter icon showing skill (tourist, rookie, seasoned, veteran, virtuoso, superstar hero)
+) Environment (hot, massive, cold, dark… if significant)
+) An orange vertical pixel bar representing original difficulty

So, we’re notified about our contacts’ activities, such as [someone] is flying [mission codename] and then we want to fly with them. If they aren’t the host but the game is publicized, we won’t know which game to join. Do you think showing multiplayer mission codenames is necessary?


No, because it doent have a use.


Alternatively, you can ask the contact of yours who are they playing with through an external chatting program.


no bro. bcz is not use

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Likes idea
“Nah useless lmao”

I wouldn’t mind this idea. However, as you can see in that very screenshot, there wouldn’t be enough space for the mission codename to fit in.
Now maybe if clicking the game would show the mission codename, that sounds like a way better possibility. Yes, you will have to click each game one by one but there’s no better way.

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Mission codenames might be small and placed below the host’s callsign, like subtitles. Or, we have vast spaces on the sides like you suggested.


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