"Show player names" error

As you already know, in the next version the Information Overlay settings will be saved (instead of reset to default), as well as player asterisks can now be hidden. But there is another problem (steps to reproduce):

  • Disable the “Show player names” option.
  • Travel a long distance in the galaxy, or through wormhole (long enough so that new player asterisks can enter your range)
  • All new players in your range at that point will have their names shown, despite the “Show player names” option.

This option should be fixed so that when you disable this option, it should disable for all new players enter the range as well.


Nice catch. Through a happy accident this doesn’t occur with the new Info Overlay system, so… fixed in v.15.

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And the release of the v.15 version?

Wait men! They probably need to fix some stuff. It isn’t possible to release updates every week.


Just by the way (another Information Overlay display problem), why does “This trip can’t be interrupted right now” not having a period (full stop) at the end of the sentence?

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Imo, it would be considered as trolling. You actually bumped an old topic, whether it is considered as for fun or not.


:frowning: what

You made off-topic spam and got flagged.

That’s even worse than bumping a topic on accident because you basically did it willingly.


So you find fun in doing something that annoys people. Interesting.


But we have proof. And you confirmed it yourself.


I thought that you were a good person. I defended you from being flagged all those days ago and now you just prove that your flaggers are right? How could you bump a post just for giggles. This is intolerable. The forum gave you a chance and you squandered it! :angry:


sorry. :slightly_frowning_face: