Should the speed limit of the Bomber series be removed or not?

I already have a suggestion in mind regarding the question below… but before that, I would like see your answers.

Should the speed limit of the Bomber series be removed or not?

  • Yes, it should be.
  • Nah, I’m fine with such mechanic.
  • I can’t decide yet.
  • I’m fine what would the update gives.

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Regardless of the results, I will give my suggestion later on (whether as a new topic or a continuation on this one).

Well, if you were not in favour, you wouldn’t’ve come up with this ſuggeſtion (or brought the topic up at all), ſo I aſſume you are, in fact, in favour. In that caſe, why aren’t you poſting your ſuggeſt directly? It’d be eaſiër for us to make up our minds if we had a ſuggeſted alternative.


you can just use jets

Still drafting it and fixing some grammar (also icon editing), but well I guess I’ll post it although short.

(I would request to close this topic soon, since the answer is already on majority.)

I intend to move the speed limit mechanic on a new mission type and suggest a equipment perk penalty (negative percentage) on using the bomber ships. This will be subject to change, of course. Although many of you will disagree with this based on the survey above.

Also, as Orandza said (although above might not be a solution at all):

The bigger hitbox and the awful speed make it pretty bad for a lot of stuff,even with the high power it has. It’s not of much use unless you intend to also invest some keys on jets.
The heavy bomber suffers a huge issue in that…when using it,you’re basically always going to either waste keys on lives or jets. You’re literally forced to do it. Look,the speed limit is an interesting mechanic,but when it takes your ship 4 seconds to get from one edge of the screen to another(which is the case for the most expensice heavy bomber),it’s just too much no matter how much the weapon power is bumped up. It really needs rework. The most expensive heavy bomber needs to be changed to have the speed of the current least expensive one,while the least expensive one could maybe be faster than it is now? Not sure. But it needs to be rebalanced. I like the general idea of it,but it’s just not quite there yet.

I think you mean bonus.
A negative penalty would just further discourage the use of it.

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It’s not just limited to a penalty though, like adjusting the others.

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