Should the fleet menu be organized?

This has been a question that has been flowing around my mind for quite a while, and I wanted to make this topic to go more in-depth.

So for those unaware, with the release of version 23, the inventory screens have been organized by class (thanks @Traveller), and this got me wondering, should this be also applied to the fleet menu?

This would be self-explanatory, by organizing the fleet menu the same way the inventory is organized (meaning ordered by type, and if there’s more than one of a specific item, order them by date, oldest to newest).

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a screencap:

(Left: Fleet menu. Right: Inventory)

Do note this doesn’t just affect the spaceships:

I made this topic to hear your opinions (as I’m pretty sure some will be against this), mainly because, quoted from @InterAction_studios:

Fleet is still date-sorted. It could be changed, of course, but my feeling is that the fleet list is typically not long enough to cause confusion.

Let me know your opinions on this, if it should be changed or if it should be left like it is.

I’m okay with fleet date-sorted, but the fleet menu should also show rarity (if applicable).

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It doeſn’t ſeem worth the development effort. I mean, how big a fleet do you have?

Six spacecrafts.

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