Shoot Shoot Revolution! (Dumb mission idea)

This is a very stupid custom-made challenge that flew into my mind. Basically you have to defeat a boss, but you can only shhot to the beat of the music.


Too easy.

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But still interesting. Every time I play I waste my accuracy points just so I can tap to rhythm using utensil poker sounds when I’m warping so I would definitely try that.

However I wish this could be added to the game so I can’t cheat by bending the rules.

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That would require too much coding, I think. But then again i’m not a programmer. so who knows?

I don’t think that it is too much coding for someone experienced.
You need to record the mouse click. And compare it in real time to the recorded file with clicks. (or not real time, but you would only get the results after completing the whole mission). So basically your file needs to have two things noted: clicks and the length between the clicks. Then you compare them with your gameplay. Of course you need to think about some acceptable delay because it’s nearly impossible to match the prepared pattern to the milliseconds.

We would need to store two memory addresses, compare them via string, kinda like that?

Reminds me of Mother 3 mechanic, where you could hit combos in the rythm of the music.
Not bad.

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if you are good at coding that is not a big problem

I’m sure if this gets added, many of us would hype like crazy. Who doesn’t shoot to the rythim in this game, sometimes?!

For me it’s like Crypt Of The Necrodancer. But I didn’t play Mother 3 so maybe it’s the same thing.

Geez, Crypt Of The Necrodancer Shmup would be absolutely terrifying.


Well, it worked like this in Mother 3:

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It this will be a thing I want a chicken inside a piano as a boss

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I’m disappointed. You don’t want rubber chickens as a rhythm boss?

(yes, those are ducks, but it’s the best video with rubber chicken-like creatures)

One day I tried to programm Patapon parody. Rhytm thing should work something like this:
We have 3 stages: Perfect, Good and missed. We have counter starting from 1 which +1 every 0,15 of second. We check “previos number-shoot moment-next number”. 1-2 is miss, 2-3 is good, 3-4 is perfect, 4-5, is good, ?? of miss depending on tempo and then back to 1.

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