Ships will get covered with bird poop if player dont login in some time

As I said in title. If player dont join in game for a while, players ship will get cowered with chick poop. That can increase in time like 1 day, 1 week, 2 week and 1 month. After 6 months ship turns into really dirty and you cant even see the ship cause of bird poops. That can work like if player dont move his ship or play a mission.

EDIT: That wont effect gameplay. Just for decoration. Also you need to go a spaceship washer to clear your ship.


I think that to remove the bird poop you ſhould have to clean your ſhip at ſhip-waſhes which are found ſcattered throughout the galaxy at a coſt of around 5 keys, and you can’t repaint a dirty ſhip.

The main difficulty would be the artwork to make this work, though.


That actually sounds funny, and I’m up for it.

Not to be rude, but are people really gonna stop to look at your ship?

this is just a detail and to see was your friend recently active. But I dont get what do you mean


Well, will it affect the gameplay screen? Or is it just there as a decoration?

only effect your ships looking. Not gameplay. If you keep play daily, your ship will be clear and everything will be fine.

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Thanks for elaborating. Can you put that part in your post?

I mean, that’s one way to encourage the player to play more, but the 5 keys cost can be rather… Let’s say unnecessary. Sorry for that.

It works though, hope they’ll add it in.

pay 5 key or play an invasion game.


Without fails? Or just at least complete the first wave?

Just a 10 wave game. Only you are able to gain score. Not keys. You have 1 life. Hardness changes by your skill level.

It’s better to pay 5 keys in that case, considering the daily stipend is 20 keys.

what if I am mr Crabs. Agagagagaga…

I’ll just Utensil poker you to death I guess. Space crab 2.0 is dumb at times tho.

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Intresting idea, but I’m worried the galaxy will be filled with pooped ships, and may frustrate those that don’t have this game as their top priority to see their sqeaky clean ship be ruined.

That will start if you dont enter 1 or 2 week. So no one will annoy from this.

Seems like a completely unnecessary feature to me.
I’d also like to remind you that bird poop has rather good anti-spacecraft capabilities, so if anything your ship would be wrecked, not dirty.


This idea is just a small feature and I think should exist. And would look good too.

Oh yeah, I’m sure it would look fabulous.


Just a good and funny detail for me…