Share your experience in the Daily Challenges

I’m actually surprised I did not even die on the Chicken Roulette wave (Hard difficulty, wave 11). Especially with 5 gatling chicks, no missiles, and only a single life. Geez.

And then I died on wave 16.


Today I lost all my 5 lives there (I haven’t lost anything before that wave). I did not use any special weapons because they will cost more keys than just losing lives. If you are out of “Extra Life” items you can still start each mission with one life anyway. I walked out with 11 keys + bonus = 55 keys.

The dimensional phaseout is really good for this waves. Yeah its count for ‘‘super weapon’’ but its really helpfull.

Let the gatling chicks fire at the middle, and then move to a safe spot. It will get tight, but if you can pull this off without any boosts, then good job. You deserve 5 keys.

I can’t beat wave 11 on hard mode and intermediate mode

It’s possible. Just very nerve-wracking.

Or easier. Just buy dimensional phaseout. They cant touch you when is active.

Do it with 1 life and no boosts if you’re going for a real daily challenge.

I play daily for points. Not for medals

Well, I play dailys just for points and keys. Simple.

I play only for keys and just for joy, but when I play, my nickname always in top 10. Unfortunately, I rarely play challenges.

What is your nickname? My is the same as here.

Same as here, but the last time I played daily challenge was during v7.1.