shady dealer hunter

if shady dealers are considerd criminals by the UHF,shouldn’t we be able to hunt them?
I request that you may buy “handcuffs” to catch them.
three handcuffs cost 100 keys[galactic store price] and you arrest the shady dealer
then take them to the heros academy and receive 800 keys as a reward,but you can only
arrest a shady dealer once every 24 hours from giving them in.
of course,you may trade keys with them,but if you do, you may not arrest them.
if you try giving them in after trading with them, you will get a 200 key fee instead of a reward.[the shady dealer would snitch on you]
to prevent the shady dealers from going extinct,they will be released 2 days later.
also,i didn’t want to make another topic for this so i’m just putting it here:
you should be able to change the color of the text or figures’ colour.

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Only if there’s a space cops appeared in CIU galaxy map but IA is planning to add space cops in the game


We will do crimes

Is this for real?! That would be awesome man…


Not bad idea, you can deal with shady dealers that have good items and arrest the ones with not needed items, but I prefer the prize be 300 keys or less, 800 keys is so high amount of keys to be a prize

Yes if there be a space police let shady dealer sell contraband items

This would make the universe exploring a lot more fun, mostly you just go around and enter orbits or stores, we need something that’s like fun to do in the universe aswell lol

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