Shadow Mimic (Boss idea)

Hello! :slight_smile:
I’ve been thinking about this one for awhile so let me explain it. Basically it’s a boss which can shape shift itself into almost any boss while also copying their attack patterns. I imagine it looking like a shadowy cloud with tentacles (in it’s natural form) which try to sweep you from time to time. Then it starts to randomly transform into any boss it desires. Every boss obviously gets a dark cloudy look with all projectiles (if it originally shoots any) turning red. Each shape can last from 4 to 10 seconds depending on how much health is left. The less health remaining, the more frequent shape shifting becomes. Now, not every boss is present in possible transformations so here are the bosses in which Shadow mimic CAN shape shift: Any U.C.O, Big Chicken, Special forces, It’s party time, Mother hen ship CI3, Mysterious ship, Any Space Crab, Sweater chicken, Master Squawker, Henperor’s apprentice, Thundercluck, Dr. Beaker. The screen should be zoomed out a bit so there is enough space for every boss.
Here are some pics I made…

And now if you want you can vote if you like this idea or not :smiley:

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A boss shapeshifting another bosses with the same shape and attacks doesn’t make the boss unique or interesting and therefore useless.

Not disrespecting your idea but you might need to give it some thought to make it more unique.


Welcome back!

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Idk, it sounded cooler in my head :D, but you’re probably right on the uniqueness part

This sounds creative
But yhis can’t be a regular boss
I think this idea can only work for double team missions


Well that’s intereating. It could fit there way better.

it would need some sort of shader that would generate this look out of existing textures because it would take up too much space otherwise

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Guess this should appear in Darkness Missions only, as its name: Shadow :grin:
Chicken invaders never have an shape shifter before, so this one is interesting! Hope it’ll be added into the game

This sounds incredibly tough and annoying to beat. Make it a special for double team missions as was said.

good idea. but sad. IA not see this.

sad IA not see our idea but see any ideas…
maybe is added but the textures has not good. need to be better

This isn’t necessarily true. The idea of constant alteration is interesting because it forces you to adapt quickly.

That said, some people would find the random element of this frustrating, especially if you were physically near the boss when it shapeshifted.

Also, it might take a lot of work to implement, especially transitions.


This is very interesting and unique
(Basically like delirium in binding of isaac)
wish this way actually implemented.

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shadow chicken

Or maybe an animated dark shade which would be placed over an existing boss like a layer mask, that way there would be no need for additional shaders and particles…

Yes and then it would get faster as it’s health gets lower.

I just googled it and that’s almost exactly how it would play.

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