Several automatic command to activate your one-time used item

One-time used item is a nice little gadget for people to use. However, sometime you really can’t react fast enough to use it in order to save you from the death. So for this idea, i recommend adding various command that will automatically use your item whenever it meets the condition

For example, when you are almost dead because something is going to kill you, the game will automatically activate your phase out in order to save you, or it can throw out a missile to clear out the wave. Some of this change will make the game a little more friendly to the new user, and also help the epic wave players (like me) when trying to beat an epic wave so you don’t have to replay the entire mission again if you fail

However, I know this might not be competitive to the league and the galactic cup, so i would also recommend it only can be used in normal mission or multiplayer, other game mode such as daily challenge, ironman, ect… won’t be affected

This is my first idea to the game so it may be weird. Let me know what is your thought about this


that would turn phase outs into some sort of non-punishing extra life that would be more valuable than the extra lives themselves, since you can have 3 of them per mission slot and getting the no death medal would be easy with that
as for other special weapons, how would the game assume when to use them when some of them cannot do their effect instantly like missiles and mines


I don’t really have a solution for this outside from increase the price maybe, or limiting the amount of phase out you can bring (like how you can’t bring more than 3 of most perishable item)
For other special weapon, it can be activate based off the percentage of the wave/boss, like you get to 50% and you want to kill it quicker, so a damage amplifier can be applied. Missile and mines works the same, it just takes more time to activate

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