Server Issue!

I’m trying to log into the galaxy map, but all it’s showing is the Logging in screen.


Investigating now…


Stop create a topics about a server issue! How many times needs to be said that the game is in EARLY ACCESS AND IA working on it.


but what if IA dosen’t know about the issue and we need to tell him :thinking:

To some extent yes, but becomes irritating.

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Server was rebooted. We’re narrowing down on the issue, but it’s not fixed yet :frowning:

Well you can tell them on a existing topic, no need to create a new one each time your game crashes

Letting us know about these things is good, keep doing it. Maybe our attention is elsewhere. But, yeah, preferably pile it on an existing topic.

Server has issues again, same problem.

yep. it’s happening again. not a surprise honestly.

Rebooting … will take 2 minutes

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Should be working again