Server Boss

What about a superboss that everyone in the server can fight and shred it?
It will be fun. I guess…

But sure that it would be cool to fight him together


Could you elaborate a bit? What I’m picturing is like a weekly big event with many players fighting the same boss.

Now, I like this idea (if that’s what you’re requesting), but multiplayer is not really confirmed and I don’t know if IA would be able to do it. We can only hope.


Yes, he probably meant that.

I would like having a global event, but don’t we already have the weekly challenge, or the space race?

I assume OP meant a collaborative event. Perhaps one that would give Squadrons a bigger use. But maybe they meant something else. We’ll see what they reply.

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So basically Pokemon Go Gym Raids?
What would be the reason that players would want to do it? In short - What’s the reward?

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