Selling Medals

this might be the dumbest thing i suggested, but it could prove profitable if you were able to sell medals. You could go to antique shops scattered across the galaxy, and sell them there. The price would depend on the type of medal, but i don’t think they should be too expensive


Medals is one of few ways to identify player, as much as his skill and achievements. Selling those would be just wrong.


you could keep your medals if that’s the case lol, but what if someone wanted to sell a couple of their 10000 medals of annihilation

So wait, you mean we’re able to sell idea and bug medals too? (if it will be added)

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actually you’re right, selling those could be blocked or something

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I won’t sell those since all medals will be reset except those.

I see what you’re thinking @Randomkodude you want to sell medals per mission/wave/stage only. It’s still ain’t a good idea because keys aren’t that hard to get.


Interesting but strange at the same time, it would be nice to see museums, but I don’t want to sell my medals. But hold my heart!

Selling your work? Very well.

I think there should be medal milestones where you get a set amount of keys for a number of medals earned.


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