Self-Destructing Chickens

Self-Destructing Chickens.
What you need to know:
*Appears at: 75-100% difficulty level (or 85+)
*HP: same as the normal chickens
*Tries to fly towards the player

*If it gets too close, it explodes with a loading time of 0,5-0,75 second(s). While loading, the chicken cannot move.
*In this time the player has to choose: Kill the chicken or get far enough in time to not explode with the chicken.

*If the player cannot kill the chicken or get away in time, he/she dies.

! Important !

The photos are only for informative reasons. I did not specify the exact texture of the chicken/explosion.
Sorry for my poor editing skills.
Comment down below if something is wrong, I hope you like my idea :slight_smile:

(Edit: At attack formations, these chickens could come from both sides, like 2-4-8-10 Self-Destructing Chickens for some (each) waves, depending on your difficulty level. Rookie, Veteran, SS Hero etc.)


You should remove the loading time, or at least drastically reduce it. It removes all of it’s difficulty in my opinion.
That aside, it’s ok.


Alſo, when does the chicken ſtart flyïng toward the player?

Reduced from 1-1,5 to 0,5-0,75. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I assume when the player gets at a certain distance to it.

In the moment when it appears on your screen, it starts flying slowly towards the player.

Or that. Yeah, considering the difficulty at which it appears, ok.

How would that work in waves with moving formations?

In those waves there wouldn’t be chickens like that, only in waves like Gyroscope Malfunction, etc.

Or you could make it disattach itself like coward chickens do.

I’m not ſure there are enough waves without formations to warrant this new type of chicken. Alſo, if it’s not exactly mainſtream, I don’t think it’s different enough from terminator chickens to be worth it.

Alternatively, what if they ſplit off after beïng hit at leaſt once?

But you have to account, terminator chickens only appear in two waves.

I edited the post. Please read the end again, thank you.

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I’m always up for variety

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