Secondary Weapons


Essentially, it goes like this:

Everything about it:
A secondary weapon is a weapon that takes up a dedicated slot (Slot can be bought for 475 keys in the Galactic Store). Once bought, it requires you to assign a hotkey for it (Explanation later). The slot is always on.

The kinds of weapons you mount onto it:
The weapons you mount onto the slot are weapons that are designed to impede chickens ore give more score and are not limited to:

  1. Slowing them
  2. Inflicting DoT*
  3. Reducing their damage reduction by 30% (Only up to 10% for difficulties above Seasoned (daS), and 35% for Tourist)**
  4. Freezing them for a limited time ( Does not freeze for daS but increases a chicken’s defense ( Kill these, and you get 1.25x more score for the kill)
  5. Burning ( Does not burn, but increases chicken speed for daS. Once again, still more score)
    6.Increasing food gain from a chicken it hits at least 5 times ( For daS, it causes chickens to drop less food, but increases kill score for 1.5x the value of the food the chicken should have dropped (In other words, if a chicken hit by this specific secondary weapon should have dropped 2 drumsticks, it would drop only one drumstick and add the other one’s score points to the kill score, so if a drumstick is worth 100 points, you’ll get 100*1.5, or 150, added to your kill score for that chicken))
    *Not effective for actually killing chickens on its own (Ya gotta shoot too, you know)
    ** Permanent 5% for bosses

How it works in space:

  1. You press the hotkey to switch to the secondary weapon
  2. For some time, you can use the secondary weapon instead of the primary one.
    (Edit) 3. After the " some time " has passed (It lasts longer for daS), the secondary weapon will retract back into your ship once it uses all weapon-fuel. If you want to use it later, you need to have fuel and then you can switch back to your primary to dish out some actual damage. You can swap weapons with a cooldown of 5 seconds.
  • The secondary weapon uses weapon-fuel (Get these in battle by collecting fuel canisters from metal-clad chickens, and, with a 7% chance, from ordinary chickens). Weapon-fuel is like an atom (They last only for the current mission)
    -After using all fuel, you’ll have to wait a single wave until the weapon can be used again.
    -Fuel comes in small (1 Unit), medium (3 units), and large (5 units).

What you can mount on it:

  1. Sludgy paste (Slows chickens) - Fires sludgy paste that mucks up chicken wing flight capabilities.
  • For daS, it causes chickens to fly blindly and shoot eggs in random directions. Increases score.
  1. Caustic Chick-Feed (Inflicts DoT) - Fires malevolently tasty chicken feed that chickens can’t resist eating.
  • For daS, it causes chickens to explode into 4 eggs (Affected by gravity, although I don’t see how there is gravity in space), when killed. As always, grants more kill score. Chickens killed by the DoT alone do not contribute to the “Multi-Kill” bonus, or any other bonus, really.
  1. Focusing Beacon (Reduces a chicken’s damage reduction) - Fires vicious little markers that land on a chicken’s… weak spots (*Ahem), and causes your weapons to hit those weak spots. Also ignores weapon family resistances temporarily.
  • For daS, it does not ignore a bosses’ family resistance, but increases it. More score for you if you kill it while the resistance is increased and you’re using a weapon from a family the boss is resistant to.
  1. Ice Beam (Freezes chickens for a while and then makes them move slowly after thawing) - Ever wanted your own '90s movie cheesily made Ice Laser Beam? Well, the peeps from the Deep Fried Chicken Labs bring you exactly what an Ice Ray is! Freezes chickens.*
  • Works better when playing “Let it Go” in your spacecraft while firing.
  • For daS, frozen chickens have 50% more damage reduction while frozen and when thawed, lay frozen eggs that fall faster. Still more score.
  1. Hydrogen2Helium Reactor Cannon (Burns chickens) - Aloha! We’re over Paradise.
  • For daS, it causes chickens to die faster, but in turn, may drop charred food. Charred food will give minus points, so avoid collecting burnt food when you see it. It’s easy to see (It’s a pitch black chicken food unit)
  1. Precision Food Sights (Increases food gain) - Awesome invention from the depths of space, but the tradeoff is less damage! More food! More fun! More heart attacks!
  • For daS, it includes charred food too.

Each Secondary weapon costs 300 for each at the galactic store

Final Word: These weapons were not meant to actually kill chickens on their own, and are not meant to replace a primary weapon, due to their limited ammo and their overheat capabilities (Yes, of course they contribute to overheat!). Consult your nearest weapons expert if heating symptoms persist.

(That’s all, for now at least)


But we already have satellites


Oh… whoops. They were actually supposed to be drones that floated beside you and adjusted according to satellite position. I know they sound like satellites, and they feel like 'em, but drones and satellites are 2 different things. I’m sorry for not explaining well. I’ll edit it.


All of this is extremely overwhelming at a glance, but I understand the concept. However why have it fluctuate in the galaxy store?


Uh… Op ness?


You could say satellites are op but don’t fluctuate. You can’t just change the rules! All items dont do that in galactic store no matter what.


Well… ok. After thinking about it, yeah. It just ticked in my head:

One moment you’re using a weapon, then you switch to the secondary weapon. If fuel is still sufficient, you can switch back to primary and finish them off, then use secondary again when you need it.


And yeah. I realized they can’t fluctuate in the Galactic store. Thanks for that.

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