Season's Greetings from BC Media!

My recommendations for this joyous day is to relax, settle down, order a World Savior Special with a holiday snack pie, watch a supernova from a safe distance, and maybe pay a visit to Hen Solo’s home galaxy if you have nowhere else to go.
Either way, a thousand thanks to what is now 3,000 subscribers on YouTube, and a very Merry Christmas to the team that does everything possible to spread the word on the best Independent game series of all time!
God bless.


its so familiar, I was heard somewhere

Something’s wrong here

Nothing wrong there. Except for the bump…

Well 1 month is nothing compare to 5 or 6 months. I saw a topic who was bumped 5 months, after it and no one even Orandza dont make a remark, but for 1 month… well lets mention the bump instead for topic who was created in august.

Yeah,and? Maybe there was some actually good reason to bump those.

…So was there?

Lol,I don’t actually remember tbh.

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Just 1 reply…

I saw an post on one polish forum bumped after like 8 years or even more… 1 month is perfectly fine lol

1 month isn’t as bad as 8 years,but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad,at all.